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Spring’s warmth arrived

9 Apr

Finally some warmer temps!  Heard this hawk (?) overhead while I was gardening on Sunday … I’m still trying to id it.

Wooly Adelgid on Hemlock

As for plant pest id’s – unfortunately I discovered wooly adelgid attacking my native Eastern hemlock – I mixed up some horticultural oil and sprayed the branches above and below to help reduce the numbers.   Whew!  I’m glad I noticed during the egg laying/crawler stage when it’s an appropriate time to spray.

After that project, I took a walk around the yard to look for new plants blooming and here’s what I found…

Pink Star Magnolia blooms

Pink Star magnolia bud

Grape Hyacinth sprouting

Grape Hyacinth sprouts

Peony sprouting from the ground like clasping fingers

Peony sprouting