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Buona Pasqua!

31 Mar


Referring to my Italian roots and wishing a Happy Easter!  Good weather on Saturday allowed me the opportunity to spend the day gardening yesterday — I never noticed how much developing daffodil blooms look like pistachios on stalks!   And I always *wow* when I can find the emerging bleeding hearts – they look like little hands reaching for the sun.  Welcome Spring!Pistachios on Stalks!Developing Daffodil bloomDeveloping daffodilBleeding Heart emergingBleeding Heart emerging


Spring snow

25 Mar

I wonder how those blooms are doing today under a blanket of white?

Dogwoods at DawnBackyardSideyard


Spring has sprung, but not Spring weather

24 Mar

It’s Spring and the start of taking photos of daily blooms in the garden.  This year the blooms are delayed since the weather is still 10 degrees below average here in Maryland.  Helebores are the first to bloom, along with the white crocus,  followed by the mini Tete-e-tete daffodils …Blooms 003 White Crocus Tete-a-tete mini daffodilsClose up of mini daffodils

Just starting are the yellow daffodils in the front yard …

Daffodil beginning to open Yellow Daffodils in front yard